SMART!™ Processing

In addition to our SMART!™ Processing our team of data scientists and litigation consultants can assist you in making your case ready for trial. Our additional services include.

We provide sane pricing. Our competitors do not know the cost metrics of their services. Therefore they add several hundred percent of the actual costs to their pricing in order to account for the unknown risk factors. We know our cost metrics and set our prices to cover those costs with a fair profit margin. 

​We have simplified the pricing model. We charge one low price per gigabyte for Smart! Processing and an easy hourly fee for everything else. We can also do fixed fee projects or even fee based on the success of the lawsuit. HP2 also has the ability to provide for financing for your projects.

Professional Services

This not 2006. The eDiscovery industry is an established industry with mature processes and predictable results. The technology deployed by companies is proven and reliable. The is no need for companies to cloke the services they provide in complex techno-babble.

At HP2 we provide clear explanations of what we do, how we do it and the cost is known before we start the work. If there are variables in our processes we notify you of those before we begin. NO SURPRISES!

What is Included:

  • Discussions with Client to define case/project/data variables (Processing Template)
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Pre-ingestion virus / malware scanning
  • Pre-ingestion inventory report
  • Discussions with Client related to Pre-ingestion concerns 
  • Secure Data Transfer to the processing environment
  • Pre-processing to remove non-relevant data types (De-NIST)
  • Pre-processing to remove blacklisted email domains
  • Pre-processing to identify encrypted or corrupt files
  • Application of Template into processing system
  • Process Data (Native to Native, Text and Metadata)
  • Output Report
  • Domain Report
  • Unique Name Report
  • Unique Word Report
  • Date Analysis Report
  • Exceptions Report
  • Dark Data Report
  • Cluster Reports
  • Pre-review export
  • Initial Date and Keyword filtering
  • Export to Client data management environment (in pre-defined formats)​
  • Additional searching and filtering: Most cases change and morph as the litigation proceeds. Our consultants can work with you to teach, filter and cull the possibly responsive data population in order to adjust your documents to the dynamics of your lawsuit.
  • Meet & Confer Meetings: We have a unique methodology in assisting you to get the most for your client in rules mandated meet and confer. We will have a pre-meeting to discuss what you want to accomplish in the meeting then accompany you to the meeting to assist you in the discussion with your opponent(s).
  • Ongoing Project Management: If it is desirable we can assign a Project Manager to oversee all aspects of the discovery process.  
  • Consulting: All of our principals have unique experience in eDIscovery and general data sciences. We will work with you to assure your team has the best eDIscovery and data security advice possible.
  • TIFF or PDF Conversion
  • OCR 
  • De-crypting / Breaking Passwords
  • eDiscovery Strategy Consulting

Why HP2

Many of our competitors work under a cloak of secrecy. They do not want you to know how and what they are doing. We are completely transparent as to your processes.  We offer our clients visibility into the projects  through our Data Production Management System (DPMS). DPMS will feed you metrics and milestones by messaging regular status updates directly by text or email. You will always know where we are in the process.

We can present you with real time job completion and budget updates. With HP2 you will know what we are doing, when we will finish and what it is going to cost. No surprises! 

SMART!™ Processing is our signature service. It is configured to give our clients the complete picture of their data quickly and cost effectively. When we have completed processing your data and documents you will have a high level of knowledge regarding your production. The data will be ready to load directly into the review system of your choice.

Our Services