Other Data Processing Services                                                $300.00 per hour

  • OCR (Conversion of images/pictures to text)
  • TIFF Creation (converting native files to TIFF format)
  • Additional filtering and searching
  • Custom data formatting
  • Custom datasbase configuration
  • Application of data analytics
  • Technology-assisted review
  • Data Forensics
  • ​Pre-litigation and pre-case assessment 
  • eDIscovery and technology consulting
  • Meet and Confer consulting and attendance
  • Hearing attendance and expert testimony
  • ​Software development

Why hourly charges for things like TIFF conversion and OCR? It is easy, charging hourly is the least expensive way to provide services. We charge only for "tended" computer time and quality checking. There is no charge for untended or machine time. 

When you contract with most eDIscovery companies to provide you services like TIFF conversion or OCR processing they do not know they variables in the data they will be processing or to what degree they will encounter problems that require  quality control outside of the normal metrics. To offset this risk the company will charge three or four times the actual fair market value for these services. At HP2 we share the risks with you. If the data is as we would normally expect to find, then you save substantially by being charged by the "tended" hour. If there are data variables outside of the norm, then we can inform you in advance and work with you to have a predictable result and budget. 

Expenses - Out of pocket expenses for media, shipping, travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenditures are reimbursed at cost. In the case of travel, in addition to the actual out-of-pocket expenses we charge one hour for travel time any where in the continental United States. 

PRICE LIST (January 10, 2017)

SMART!™ Processing​                                                   $9.95 per GB *

  • ​Meet with client to define project specifications and Case Template
  • Chain of Custody data transfer documentation
  • Pre-ingestion virus/malware scanning
  • Pre-ingestion inventory report
  • ​Secure data transfer to processing environment
  • Pre-processing to remove non-relevant data types 
  • Processing environment configuration (Case Template)
  • ​Process Native files and extract text and metadata
  • ​Produce Reports 
    • Output Report
    • Domain Report
    • Unique Name Report
    • Unique Word Report
    • Data Analysis Report
    • Exceptions Report
    • Dark Data Report
    • Cluster Reports / Graphics
    • Pre-review Reports
    • Post processing summary
  • Date Range Filtering
  • ​Key Word Filtering
  • Data Export to client's review system

​* Please note that there is a 25 GB minimum on all Smart! Processing


** We offer substantial discounts for large projects and cumulative

​    managed services agreements.