About Us

Our team of consultants, data scientists, security specialists and project technicians have decades of experience in eDiscovery and the data sciences. Our prinicipals have worked in some of the world’s largest and most complex lawsuits. Our big data experience and understanding is unmatched. Our industry experience includes big tobacco, breast implant, Wall Street insider trading, Iran Contra, class actions, international antitrust and securitized mortgage cases. We recently concluded a case that began with over 8.5 billion data files. 

Whether you have a case with couple of gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes, our processes and pricing are the best choice for your eDIscovery projects. We work in all types of cases, simple or complex, small or large.

As needed, we will advise you throughout the discovery process. In addition to processing your data, our team will assist you in project planning, data collections and meet and confer conferences. Our team will even accompany you to hearings as your onsite reference and as needed testifying experts.

​We are a focused team of experienced technologists and data scientists providing advanced technology combined with case-specific and targeted workflow. We deploy state-of-the-art technology to provide data forensics, advanced data analytics, technology assisted review.

​We are sensitive to the budgetary needs of your cases. We will work directly with you and your client to assure you don't get out litigated because of the price of our services.

Jeff Hatley

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: eDiscovery Processing, Operations, Human Resources

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Our Strength

​​​One of the most often asked questions is about our company graphics, specifically the iceberg. We love this inquiry because it gives us an opportunity to tell the story and discuss some of the primary challenges in eDiscovery. 

An iceberg is a large piece of fresh water ice calved from a glacier or ice shelf. Because of the density of the fresh water, only 1/10 of the iceberg is visible above the waterline. The expression “tip ofthe iceberg” comes from the fact that is is very difficult to judge what is below the surface by looking at the visible portion above the water. This is directly analogous to the hidden facts in your eDIscovery populations.

It is not easy to know your data from looking at the outside. Everyone can count the gigabytes, but we do not know the number, size, source, subject matter or any other document elements of the data until we analyze what can’t be seen; what is below the surface.

Keeping you afloat and steaming towards a successful destination is our primary goal 

Guard Dog

Roy Plattel

Years of experience: 30

Expertise: eDiscovery, Litigation Support
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The Principals

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with state-of-the-art eDiscovery services and sane predictable pricing.


At HP2 our principals are constantly schooled in issues concerning data security.  The security of your data is one of the cornerstones of our business, 

We implement data security in two very simple ways. First, we have no system that touches the Internet or any TCPI protocol communication in the wild. Our systems interact only through encrypted VPN and dual authenticated password. Secondly, and most important to you, our production system is a closed loop system. None of the production environment touches the Internet in any way. It is off-line.​ If it is not online, it cannot be hacked. 

All incoming data is processed through a quarantined system to assure the incoming data is virus and malware free. This assures that our data and our processing environment is clean and bug free.

​Your data is safe and secure with us.

The Iceberg?

Bob Pacheco 

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Database Sciences, Data Security, eDiscovery Processing

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